Multi-purpose ‘Clifton’ Pod for Fitness & Family Room

Multi-purpose ‘Clifton’ Pod for Fitness & Family Room

Pod Type: Clifton

Location: Bristol

Pod Size: 6 x 4m

Cladding Type: Cedar Wood

Pod Function: Garden Fitness Studio

Multi-purpose ‘Clifton’ Pod for Fitness & Family Room details

Our client was looking to transform their garden with a functional fitness studio and family room for year round use. In preparation for the installation, we cleared an existing structure and concrete slabs.

We installed a modified 6 x 4m ‘Clifton’ pod which created a bright, warm, spacious area for the family to unwind with a stunning view out into the garden and adjoining countryside. The sliding doors fully retract which helps connect the space with the outdoors, perfect for the warm summer months.

Modifications on this garden room included a flooring upgrade to engineered oak. For more information on our standard Clifton pod you can check out the range features.

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