What are the benefits of flat-pack garden rooms?

Discover the many benefits of flat-pack garden rooms from the expert team of designers and craftspeople here at Vivid Pods.
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Want to enjoy your very own garden room, but less keen on the price tag?

Why not consider a cost-effective flat-pack garden room? Join the experienced team at Vivid Pods as we explore some of the key advantages of fantastic flat-pack garden rooms in detail!

What is a flat-pack garden room?

Put simply, a flat-pack garden room is a kit featuring pre-manufactured SIP (Structural Insulated Panels) panels that form the walls, roof, and floor of a garden room.

Typically packaged with a fixing kit, membranes, and other important components, it allows the builder to construct a durable and long-lasting SIP envelope with minimal help.

The main component of a flat-pack garden room, however, is the SIP panels. Formed under high pressure, these panels are primarily composed of structurally graded OBS (Orientated Strand Board) and closed-cell EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) insulation.

They also feature external cladding, MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard), breather membrane, and specialist adhesive.

Once these materials have been combined, they create a strong and rigid panel that lends itself to a variety of construction applications.

Unsure whether a flat-pack garden room is right for your home or garden? From ease of assembly to the cost-effective nature of these kits, we explore some of the key benefits of flat-pack garden rooms below.

Are flat-pack garden rooms easy to build?

Designed for enthusiastic DIYers and builders alike, flat-pack garden rooms require a certain level of construction know-how.

However, many flat-pack garden rooms, like those available at Vivid Pods, come complete with assembly instructions and plenty of support making them a desirable construction project for anyone wanting to develop their skills.

How long do flat-pack garden rooms take to build?

A flat-pack garden room can take anywhere between a matter of days to months to construct.

This is because each one varies in size and complexity. Not to mention, the length of each construction project is also determined by the availability of materials, the DIY know-how of the self-builder, and the number of additional labourers.

At Vivid Pods, for example, one of our flat-pack garden rooms will typically take between two and four weeks to assemble.

It’s also worth noting, however, that our DIY garden room kits come with a lead time of approximately three to four weeks once an order has been placed.

How affordable are flat-pack garden rooms?

In general, flat-pack garden rooms are more affordable than pre-built ‘off-the-shelf’ alternatives because you can save a substantial amount of money on the labour.

While brick garden rooms, for example, are on average more affordable than SIP panel garden rooms, a SIP panel structure could save you more money in the long-run.

This is because SIP panels boast are energy efficient and can help regulate the temperature of a room with ease. This built-in insulation prevents heat from escaping as easily as brick buildings and is therefore a great way to keep your energy costs down– especially during the winter months!

At Vivid Pods, our flat-pack garden rooms are also substantially more affordable than our ‘off-the-shelf’ selection.

Prices start at just£3,671 for our Starter DIY Kits, so why not explore our range and see if something catches your eye?

Where to buy flat-pack garden rooms

If you’re hoping to build your very own flat-pack garden room, then you’ve come to the right place.

Here at Vivid Pods, we’ve created a comprehensive collection of contemporary and expertly-crafted flat-pack garden rooms to suit all kinds of style preferences and construction abilities.

We offer a Starter DIY Kit and a Complete DIY Kit – both of which allow you to assemble a durable and long-lasting SIP panel envelope. These kits also feature the essential fixings and come complete with detailed instructions and effortless customer support access.

While our Starter DIY Kit is well-suited to DIY enthusiasts that want to add their own stamp (certain materials and features) to their self-build garden room, the Complete DIY Kit, as the name suggests, comes with everything you need. It includes all the construction materials and is ideal if you’re looking for a straightforward kit that delivers a premium finish.

Keen to learn more about our cost-effective and contemporary flat-pack garden rooms? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our helpful team today! You  can get in touch with the team by sending your enquiry to [email protected] or filling out our convenient online contact form.

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