How to Stay Motivated in a Work-from-Home Setup

Most people find working from home to be challenging. Use the following strategies to stay motivated while working from home.
How to Stay Motivated in a Work-from-Home Setup

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How to Stay Motivated in a Work-from-Home Setup

Most people find working from home to be challenging. A pile of laundry can feel like Mount Everest, the TV can feel like a siren’s call, and a hyperactive dog can make it feel like you’re wearing a buzzsaw around your neck. Fortunately, you can use the following strategies to stay motivated while working from home.

1. Establish a Dedicated Workspace

Be sure that you have a dedicated workspace. It doesn’t need to be a full-fledged office with a door, but it should be an area that you can use to work without distraction. The idea is to have a place to use as an office.

Many people use a small corner of the living room or master bedroom as their office. Set up your office to have everything you need to work there. This means that you have Internet access, as well as a comfortable chair. Finally, you should have a phone, so that you can take calls if they come up.

2. Practice the Ten-Minute Rule

Many people have trouble working from home because they can’t stay focused for more than ten minutes. It’s easy to get distracted if you don’t stay focused. To stay focused, use the ten-minute rule. Let’s say you want to work for an hour. Start your clock and work for ten minutes. After that, stop for ten minutes.

If you start to lose concentration, get up, get some coffee, and take a walk. When you’re able to focus again, start another ten minutes. Don’t work longer than an hour, because you’ll lose focus if you do.

3. Work in Small Blocks of Time

Many people also have trouble working at home because they can’t stop working. They’re sitting there at two am, wondering why they’re not getting anything done. The reality is that it’s not the work that’s the problem; it’s that the work didn’t stop at a decent hour.

Instead of sitting in front of the computer for eight hours, tell yourself that you’ll work for 15-minute blocks instead. When the block is up, take a five-minute break. You should work for several blocks in a row, with an hour break in between. This type of structure will allow you to get more done in a day because you’ll be more productive with your time.

4. Reward Yourself with Incentives

Many people have trouble staying motivated because they don’t know their end goal. This is why using incentives is effective.

For example, you can tell yourself that you’ll stop working at a particular time. You can stop working at nine pm or three pm no matter what. When you work after the point you’ve chosen, you’ll feel better when you get to play with your dog or get some sleep.

Additionally, you can promise yourself a reward when you’ve reached a significant milestone. If you can finish a big project, you might want to treat yourself to a movie. There are all sorts of rewards you can give yourself if you decide beforehand what they’ll be.

Working From Home Conclusion

Working from home can be a great way to get more done, but it’s not easy. You have to be committed if you want to get the job done. Fortunately, you don’t have to do it alone. You can use the strategies above to stay motivated at home.

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