How Exactly Do Plants Help With Workplace Productivity

Check out the benefits of plants for your office and productivity as a LABS member
How Exactly Do Plants Help With Workplace Productivity

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How Exactly Do Plants Help With Workplace Productivity

Office plants are more important than most people realise; studies show that they may significantly improve workplace well-being and productivity. Plants not only look beautiful, but they also convey a sense of quiet and harmony to the table. That’s simply the tip of the iceberg (or should I say canopy?). Check out the benefits of plants for your office and productivity as a LABS member – or even if you’re just a fan of all things flora – as well as which ones you should select to create a nature lover’s paradise.

They purify the air

Contrary to popular belief, air pollution levels inside buildings are almost always higher than outside (even in busy city centres). Scientists agree that any decrease in indoor air quality directly impacts health and performance, so whether you’re burned out or too stressed to function, plants can provide the perfect solution. Good indoor plants reliably reduce VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and raise oxygen to carbon dioxide ratios during the day while completing photosynthesis. The benefits to mental and physical health are well-known. Like something important to employees, it’s absolutely worth investing in office plants for the increased productivity they provide.

They provide an oasis

There’s no denying that natural light is essential in the workplace. Still, with the proliferation of ‘open’ offices and the consumption of most of our time looking at screens, natural light isn’t always abundant. So, as well as white noise machines, plants could be the perfect solution to this. A study carried out in 2012 found that even a single houseplant could have a significant positive impact on work performance. The results suggested that even if the plant isn’t visible, the effect is still there. So, put simply, there’s no harm in blocking out the office view with a potted plant or two (or five…)

They reduce stress

Studies have shown that nature can have a therapeutic effect on the mind in certain situations. At work, this is an essential factor when studies show that stress levels are at an all-time high and well above what the body can actually handle. Plants create a positive environment, a much-needed break from today’s stressful office environment. Plus, as discussed above, the more oxygen you have in the office, the better people feel – and the better they feel, the more productive they are.

They’re a morale booster.

Plants don’t just make us feel better – they can also make us work better. The way we feel in the workplace directly affects our productivity, with feelings of optimism and inspiration leading to increased energy and motivation. And, let’s face it, there’s something to be said for the feeling of being in nature. One five-year study showed that plants in a work environment raise morale and employee satisfaction. In contrast, another study found that simply adding plants to the office made people feel significantly more positive and happier in their work.


Having plants in your office really can make a difference. Not only will they increase productivity and improve the health of your employees, but they’ll also enhance the look and feel of your space, making the workplace a more excellent place to spend the day. So, why not make a change today? You could start with something small. A single pot of green could make all the difference.

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