How a Garden Office Can Improve Your Work Productivity

Working from your home can provide a wave of distraction. A garden office can be a great way to maximise your workspace and productivity.
How a Garden Office Can Improve Your Work Productivity

In the UK, we spend 60 minutes a day on average commuting to and from work. Stuck in traffic, squeezing into overcrowded transport or battling the beloved British weather. With a Vivid Pod at the foot of your garden you can spend that valuable time doing the things you love the most. We won’t judge if that means an extra hour in bed!

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How a Garden Office Can Improve Your Work Productivity

Working from home for the past two years may have been the best experience for some. But for others, working right from your home can also be counterproductive. Sometimes, their work area simply seems too homey.

If you experience the same problem and want to make yourself more productive at home, consider working at a garden office. If you have a home garden that you can tweak and add a workspace in, it will help you become more productive than you think.

What Is a Garden Office?

A garden office can be a great way to maximise your workspace and productivity. Simply put, it is a workspace that can be designed in a garden. It can be a small picket-fence-like structure that is used to provide extra space and privacy.

There can be many reasons you want to create a garden office. You may have a home office, but you still want some private space to work from. Or, you may have a home office that is too small. Either way, creating a garden office can help you boost your productivity in your home.

Why Have a Custom Built Garden Office

A Dedicated Space:

One of the biggest problems that some home workers experience is that they feel that their home is too cosy. They think that they are unable to concentrate and focus on work. To help them do just that, they need a dedicated space far from their home’s comfort. The best thing to do is create a garden office where you work far from the family.

Working in Peace:

In the past, many people were forced to work in a garage or the basement of their house. Such spaces were too noisy and constrained. Now, you can easily create a small but private garden office where you can work and focus.

Improved Efficiency:

A garden office can also help you be more efficient while working. You will have more space and privacy in the small garden office. It is far from the distractions of your home. Also, the small garden office allows you to have a mini-fridge and a nice workspace table.

Relaxing and Beautiful View:

When you create a garden office, you will be able to see a beautiful view. You can watch butterflies fly by and the sky change at different times of the year. Working in a home garden office can be an excellent way for you to make your home office a more enjoyable experience.

Space-Saving Solution:

A garden office can be a great way to have a small yet productive office at home. They are small and can be created in any size. Depending on your needs, you can have a small garden office or a large one.

An Office That’s Easier and Cheaper to Create:

Besides helping you be productive, it will also help you save money. A garden office is a relatively cheaper way to have your own small office space. Creating a garden office is also quite easy. You can pull the garden up and make a small structure to work in.


Creating a small but productive garden office is the best way for you to be more productive and effective when working from home. It is an excellent way for you to create a workspace far from the hustle and bustle of a busy home. The garden office can be a relaxing and fulfilling experience.

If you want to transform your home office space and create a bespoke garden office, Vivid Pods will ensure you have a productive home garden office. We are a team of highly experienced in-house installers that will give you your fully functional garden office. Connect with us, and let’s start the planning!

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