Common Garden Office Mishaps You Need to Watch Out For

Let’s explore some common mishaps that you’ll have to be wary of if you’ll be setting up your own garden office.
Common Garden Office Mishaps You Need to Watch Out For

In the UK, we spend 60 minutes a day on average commuting to and from work. Stuck in traffic, squeezing into overcrowded transport or battling the beloved British weather. With a Vivid Pod at the foot of your garden you can spend that valuable time doing the things you love the most. We won’t judge if that means an extra hour in bed!

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Common Garden Office Mishaps You Need to Watch Out For

Contemporary garden pods are an excellent option for people who want to create an office that feels relaxing yet conducive to creativity and productivity. After all, we live in an increasingly digitised world, and it’s easy to feel bogged down without a touch of nature in our surroundings.

That said, some issues tend to arise when it comes to building or setting up a bespoke garden office. Though prevalent, these problems are actually very avoidable if you are aware of them. Let’s explore some common mishaps that you’ll have to be wary of if you’ll be setting up your own garden office.

Not Having Enough Space

This is one of the biggest issues when it comes to garden office design. A lot of the time, people don’t make the right measurements for their garden area to accommodate building or instalment of office space. It’s not just about the area of the walls itself.

You need to think about any considerations around the right of way, having enough room to comfortably manoeuvre around the building, being able to enter and exit with ease, and the like.

Not Having Access to Build

One thing people tend to forget about is accessibility during the building process. Suppliers and builders need a way to get into the property and actually have enough room for their equipment and their work.

This is especially true for gated areas or shared spaces. Even more, complications come into play if you need to build connectors, electrical lining, and plumbing installations.

Not Prepping the Space for Different Seasons

It’s very common for people to build or order a pod or building and then realize they didn’t account for how their garden office would be affected during different times of the year. The best way to solve this problem is to go further than a basic plan.

Consider what additions and design choices need to be made in order to keep things safe and comfortable no matter what season it is. The last thing you want is a space that is too cold in the winter and sweltering in the summer. Keep these in mind when considering the build of your office so it’s usable and you don’t end up with unmanageable plants.

Not Considering Electrical and Internet Access

Don’t overlook how you’re going to get electrical power and internet connectivity in the space. After all, it’s meant to be office space, and you’ll likely have various devices or equipment that will require enough power. Even if the nature of your work isn’t inherently dependent on these factors, you’ll want the option so that you can install cooling (like fans and air conditioners) and lighting fixtures.

Not Following Building Code

Building codes are just that—regulations that exist for your protection. If you ignore them and build without the right permits and approvals, you’re putting yourself at a disadvantage when problems arise.

On top of this, neighbours and your local government can actually take action against you. Just make sure you are aware of local guidelines and that you stick to them.


Without question, having a bespoke garden office is a great way to make work much more manageable and rejuvenating. It’s simply best to keep the factors above in mind to get the best experience possible.

At Vivid Pods, we ensure that you have a fully-functional custom-built garden office that is perfect for your endeavours. Contact us to get started on your own project.

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