10 Reasons Why a Home Garden Office is Worth the Investment

What are the advantages of a garden office over an office inside the home?
10 Reasons Why a Home Garden Office is Worth the Investment

In the UK, we spend 60 minutes a day on average commuting to and from work. Stuck in traffic, squeezing into overcrowded transport or battling the beloved British weather. With a Vivid Pod at the foot of your garden you can spend that valuable time doing the things you love the most. We won’t judge if that means an extra hour in bed!

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Many of us have been working from home during the pandemic, and there appears to be no quick change in the works.

Setting up a home office has its hurdles, with a recent survey revealing that 37% of millennial and Gen Z employees struggle to achieve a work-life balance. If a garden office is on your wish list, have a look at these fantastic garden office ideas.

A garden office might be the right answer for a permanent shift to home-working. According to recent statistics, many home workers are escaping to the garden, converting their outside bicycles and storage buildings into a colourful workstation. But what are the advantages of a garden office over an office inside the home?

1. Avoid Distractions

‍Staying focused on the task at hand is a constant battle. With lots of the repetitive tasks of running a business now being done online, a quiet office space in the garden allows for uninterrupted work.

2. Boost Productivity

‍A day in the garden gives you a more positive outlook, resulting in increased productivity and motivation. The increased oxygen flow and vitamin D released from sunshine also boost your productivity.

3. A Great Place For Meetings!

‍Having an office outside allows for the office to be used for meetings with clients or even staff. Add a bit of greenery to the garden office, and you’ve got a great spot for a meeting.

4. Alternative to Commuting Time

‍If your employment does not require your physical presence, you may use the time you spend commuting to work to more profitable projects for the organisation. The time saved on commuting might also be used for hobbies and family activities. This should allow for a better work-life balance.

5. A Place To Meditate

‍A few minutes of meditation can have a big effect on productivity. Dedicating time to mindfulness and meditation is important when switching off from day-to-day office life.

6. Great For Breaks

Take a break out of the office and enjoy your garden! The fresh air and nature-filled space will help you get rid of stress and get back on track with your work.

7. Have A Quiet Place To Think

The home office can get noisy, with phones ringing and the hustle and bustle of family life. By having a dedicated office space outside, you can have a quiet place to think, away from the home’s noise.

8. Keep Your Privacy

‍Having an office in the garden allows you to keep your privacy. If there are things in the garden you don’t want to be seen from the house, you can be sure that no one from the house can see into your office.

9. Great For Health

‍The hours we work have a massive effect on our health. By reducing your working hours and moving to an office in the garden, you’ll be able to spend more time outdoors and enjoy the great weather.

10. Enjoy The Great Outdoors

‍For some of us, we spend our day in front of a computer. By having an office in the garden, you’ll be able to take a break from the computer and enjoy the great outdoors!‍


‍Garden offices are a great idea for those looking to escape the home office and enjoy the fresh air. This option will cost more to set up, but is a great long-term investment.

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